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About Me

Hello! I’m Andrew. I study computer science at the University of St Andrews, build websites, and work as a technician on live events.

My favourite colour is orange. By coincidence, a lot of the things I work on are also orange. It’s really not intentional.

My website portfolio includes radio stations and schools. When building things, my goal is to make them as easy to use, fast, accessible, and privacy-conscious as possible.

I’m a voluntary sound engineer, working in radio (two stations, in fact) and live entertainment. I’ve also got experience working in lighting and other aspects of live event production.

During the coronavirus pandemic I’ve turned my hand to live streaming video with remote participants, and have worked on events like election hustings, award ceremonies, music events, and more. This is where my website comes from — a handy guide to help the people who appear on screen to get set up.

This site is my personal blog, with a random amalgamation of things I found interesting enough to write down.