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Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been involved in producing lots of live streamed events. These involve the guests joining a video call with me, I mix the video and audio, and broadcast it to a platform like Facebook Live.

Nowadays, people are mostly used to video calls, but there’s still some little things you can do to help you look your best. I’ve found that supplying some pointers can be a helpful reminder for people and prevent some types of issues arising.

Back when we first made the switch to online, I made a one-page PDF to help people perfect their setup before an event. The PDF wasn’t ideal though — more attachments to handle, harder to update, and so on.

Once it was obvious I’d be doing a lot of events, I created is a super simple, single-serving website intended to be an easy, accessible way for participants to improve their appearance on screen. There’s one page with 6 handy tips. Feel free to share it with your cast if you’re producing events at the moment, I hope it’s helpful.

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Content Security Policies and Content Delivery Networks

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Report URI is a service which provides monitoring of things like Content Security Policy violations on your website. They had a pentest carried out and this section about their CSP stuck out to me:

You can also see that our external list of sites that can load script is very small, by design, and does not include any of the variety of JavaScript CDNs out there. Inclusion of something like or would have allowed the inclusion of outdated libraries from those locations that have potential security issues, allowing an attacker to cause harm. This is the reason we self-host our own JavaScript files but you should also consider specifying a path in your CSP directives if that isn’t an option like [Source]

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